Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slouchy Z Goes Geometric

Take one look at these photos of abayas from Slouchy Z and the immediate impression you get is a dark, moody, almost goth vibe. The styling especially caught my eye and held it, to say the least. The peach and black geometric look of the abaya above is a little romantic, a little art deco, and a lot modern. Worn with a black tee and leather leggings, it makes the look riveting and a little unexpected. Maryam Selaich certainly outdoes herself with these incredible pieces.
Not only does Maryam create a wonderful over sized artistic abaya, her talent extends to make even the most simple of abayas anything but. Take the grey and black one below- it's perfectly draped and belted with just enough lacy piping to keep it elegant and effortless. These pieces are to be worn with a confidence and an edge. Continue looking through all that Slouchy Z offers in the photos below and I dare you not to be enthralled with what you see!

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