Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Best of Cannes Red Carpet | Part II

Round two of the best dressed on the numerous red carpets to be found at Cannes! Of course Anna Dello Russo in one of the most well known Balenciaga pieces, also one of my personal favorites with the crop top- so minimal on top and so ruffly on the bottom- the best of both worlds in one outfit. Bernice Bejo stuns in this Elie Saab number and Giovanna Battaglia wears this bright pink caftan so well. Similar to the ones sold here on, this long jalabiya is elegant enough for the red carpet!

Turkish star Saadet Aksov shines brilliantly in this sheer, beaded column dress. Zhang Ziyi wore Elie Saab Couture that was covered in the most beautiful detail. Belted, this three-quarter length sleeved gown is exactly on trend while still maintaining it’s classy feel. Karlie Kloss rocked a lot of Louis Vuitton, this feathered hem in particular was so young and fresh.

Did you have a favorite? There were so many incredible fashion moments it was difficult to choose!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I

Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I
The stars did indeed shine bright at the start of the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera. Although it started off rainy and wet, that didn't slow anything or anybody down. My favorite picks for best dressed are Cindy Crawford who looked incredible in a bright white Roberto Cavalli gown. Next up, Bollywood start Sonam Kapoor wore an elegant, floral Dolce and Gabanna dress that was only made better with her incredible smile.
Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I
Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I
Liya Kebede dazzled in this flouncy white Alberta Feretti gown accented with a bold striped belt around the middle. Cara Delevigne and her fierce brows and red lips rocked a sheer lacy number by Burberry.
Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I
Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I
Best of The Cannes Red Carpet | Part I
Lastly, Fan Bingbing and Frieda Pinto wowed the crowd in their stunners. Fan wearing Elie Saab Haute Couture and Frieda in Gucci with the perfect belt and braided hair to finish it off. Stay tuned for more on our favorite red carpet looks at the Cannes this year!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Effa Abaya

The Effa Abaya

The Effa Abaya

There are so many abaya brands out there, all accomplishing different things and meeting the diverse needs of so many wearers. Always the epitome of elegance, Effa abayas are one of those brands that keep you coming back for more. The designer has so many fashionable tricks up her bell sleeved abaya that every piece she designs always feels so fresh and new. Favorites include lace backed, circle cut abaya above with pleated lace front panels lined in rosy, pink satin. In keeping with her cohesive collection,  the same dusty pink colored chiffon ruffles down the front, while the light silky fabric keeps this signature cut abaya draped to perfection.

The Effa Abaya

Featuring the newly designed open abaya in an elegantly sequined jersey fabric, the silky satin sleeves and bottom panel add a modern twist. Whether you're looking for a more traditional abaya or a modern piece with an elegant flair, Effa's abayas always have what you're looking for.

How To Style An Orkalia Cape

How To Style An Orkalia Cape
In the last post you were introduced to all the amazingness that was an Orkalia cape. In this one, I'm going to show you two ways to style two different capes. For a more a more formal evening, wear the cape on the left- blinging it out in gold is always tasteful and bold. Keep it modern with a mix of monochromatic gold with spiky bangles and feathery earrings. A fun black and gold studded clutch and Intricate ankle cuffed heels lend a touch of cool to an otherwise sophisticated look.
For a more casual, yet still updated look on the cape- this short gray and black Orkalia piece is a simple and refreshing take for day. Keep it young and fresh with slim, bright pink ankle pants and work the clutch in the same color family. Short gray booties and a sparkly silver cuff on one wrist and a pink bangle and minimalistic silver watch on the other.
Styling both capes with a monochromatic feel- gold with one, gray and pink with the other, keep the Orkalia capes looking like they're supposed to: fresh, unique and utterly captivating- a lot like the women who wear them.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Cape | by Orkalia

Orkalia, synonymous with elegance and grace, doesn’t let us down with these new pieces added to the collection. The completely modern cape gets the Orkalia overhaul in this post. This structured piece in black (above) has us clamoring for more. And more we get- below are even more iterations on this classic piece, including a delicate and flowing ensemble that can be worn belted for more coverage. Almost opposites in their details- some structured pieces are counterbalanced with ethereal charm and pull together to form quite a cohesive collection.
The capes offered here can be worn for daytime events, even to work, or for a delightful surprise to evening parties or a casual night out. Extremely versatile, the cape is a definite style staple for the fashion forward. With exquisite attention to detail and a whole new level of style, Orkalia never fails to surprise and awe us.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slouchy Z Goes Geometric

Take one look at these photos of abayas from Slouchy Z and the immediate impression you get is a dark, moody, almost goth vibe. The styling especially caught my eye and held it, to say the least. The peach and black geometric look of the abaya above is a little romantic, a little art deco, and a lot modern. Worn with a black tee and leather leggings, it makes the look riveting and a little unexpected. Maryam Selaich certainly outdoes herself with these incredible pieces.
Not only does Maryam create a wonderful over sized artistic abaya, her talent extends to make even the most simple of abayas anything but. Take the grey and black one below- it's perfectly draped and belted with just enough lacy piping to keep it elegant and effortless. These pieces are to be worn with a confidence and an edge. Continue looking through all that Slouchy Z offers in the photos below and I dare you not to be enthralled with what you see!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway

Although some critics may have panned Marchesa’s last collection (although I must admit I loved it), designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig more than made up for it with this season’s 18th century Romanticism inspired runway show. To begin, this deep red overcoat with equestrian leanings ratcheted up the anticipation for the rest of the pieces to come.

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway 

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway 

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway 

Marchesa Fall 2013 | Runway 

Dark, moody and romantic in theme, this latest collection is perfect for Fall. Always theatrical in nature, the ladies of Marchesa sure know how to make a woman stand out and get noticed! A favorite of celebrities on the red carpet, these beautiful gowns are made for high profile events. Shades of red seem to be the standout color this autumn, but don’t let that detract from one of my favorite dresses from the show. That would be this gauzy, ethereal, tiered number embellished with colorful bits of embroidered flowers.

Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentino Haute Couture 2013

Dresses in the Valentino Haute Couture show were covered in layers of crepe and tulle, ever so slightly voluminous and ethereal. In particular, the sheer gown above features a sensual mix of almost nude organza with an overlay of intricate red piping.  According to, "it took 500 hours of hand-rolling to produce the piping. And that was just one of the outfits that featured the effect. One roller apparently developed carpal tunnel syndrome during the production of the collection." Old school classic pieces still walked the runway in the form of cape dresses and garden party dresses.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli created a magical show that entranced all those who witnessed it in person, or even later online. The craftsmanship and devotion really showed through. The ladylike, yet thoroughly modern gowns really stood on their own

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Zeeshan Ali Adnan


Simplicity and elegance are what defines Zeeshan Ali Adnan Clothing. With a focus on modern abayas, the clothes themselves are still traditional at their core. Their signature embellished neckline comes to life in different forms. On one, a high neck is covered in small gold paillettes, and in another the bronze trimming slopes down the front in a long V, giving an almost bokeh feel to the dress. Lush fabric, perfectly pleated, give form to the lower skirt resulting in a unique and utterly femme aesthetic.

In one singular piece, a traditional collar is redone in a more avant garde design, coming up only halfway around the neck before connecting to the fluid fabric of the abaya. This subtle, yet imaginative play on classics are what take these pieces to a higher level of fashion. Taking classic silhouettes and reinventing them for a more modern audience, a Zeeshan Ali Adnan piece (or pieces) will complete your wardrobe!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Wear a Slouchy’Z Abaya

How to Wear a Slouchy Z Couture Abaya

Sometimes pulling off a couture abaya can seem a little intimidating. I thought I’d show you how to style this particular Slouchy Z abaya. Although the abaya itself is covered in embellishments, it’s a little easier to pull off in that it’s all black. The voluminous arms are tempered by a belted waist, so the proportions are evened out. To wear a piece this strong I would go with simple styling so as not to seem overwhelmed.

With such a standout gown, keep everything else simple so as not to compete with the showstopper itself. I especially like a bold platform pump; and in black, it doesn’t take away from the abaya but subtly adds to it instead. Of course a signature red sole adds a bit of class to the whole ensemble. The model here is already wearing a pair of earrings, so just add a couple of dainty, simple gold rings to your fingers. Finish off the look with a fun art deco inspired clutch in gold and black, and the couture Slouchy Z abaya is now impeccably styled.
How would you style this abaya? What would you change to make it more “you”?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Slouchy'Z

With a focus on strong contemporary pieces, Slouchy'Z, the brainchild of Maryam Selaich is fast becoming a couture favorite. Known for their unique attention to detail, many of the most popular being a mixture of a more traditional Abaya with a patchwork of different fabrics and textures added for a different feel. These aren't your run of the mill everyday Abayas here, but instead are made for a certain type of woman- one who wants to stand out from the crowd in something uniquely created for her.

"We cannot deny that, as women, we love fashion and being able to show versatility in styles in the Arab world of today, but combining this with maintaining our tradition, is, in essence, what we try to achieve with our designs. It's all about blending high-fashion with traditional culture"
-Slouchy'Z designer, Maryam Selaich

Created much in the same way that art is, Slouchy'Z prides itself on the fashionable flair of their immensely popular Abayas. Combining tiered ruffles, voluminous sleeves and a tassel belt, their clothes are not for the feint of heart. A woman has to be able to carry off such a strong piece with confidence, poise and elegance, knowing she's wearing the most high end, quality, couture Abaya in the room. These modern cuts and couture details come together to form a fantastical mix of traditional and high end.