Monday, June 3, 2013

The Cape | by Orkalia

Orkalia, synonymous with elegance and grace, doesn’t let us down with these new pieces added to the collection. The completely modern cape gets the Orkalia overhaul in this post. This structured piece in black (above) has us clamoring for more. And more we get- below are even more iterations on this classic piece, including a delicate and flowing ensemble that can be worn belted for more coverage. Almost opposites in their details- some structured pieces are counterbalanced with ethereal charm and pull together to form quite a cohesive collection.
The capes offered here can be worn for daytime events, even to work, or for a delightful surprise to evening parties or a casual night out. Extremely versatile, the cape is a definite style staple for the fashion forward. With exquisite attention to detail and a whole new level of style, Orkalia never fails to surprise and awe us.


  1. Very fine dresses with elegant looks and their finishing looks great. I will also try them.

  2. Beautiful and creative designs of dresses and capes and it popular nowadays. You can wear it on any occasion.