Sunday, January 13, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Slouchy'Z

With a focus on strong contemporary pieces, Slouchy'Z, the brainchild of Maryam Selaich is fast becoming a couture favorite. Known for their unique attention to detail, many of the most popular being a mixture of a more traditional Abaya with a patchwork of different fabrics and textures added for a different feel. These aren't your run of the mill everyday Abayas here, but instead are made for a certain type of woman- one who wants to stand out from the crowd in something uniquely created for her.

"We cannot deny that, as women, we love fashion and being able to show versatility in styles in the Arab world of today, but combining this with maintaining our tradition, is, in essence, what we try to achieve with our designs. It's all about blending high-fashion with traditional culture"
-Slouchy'Z designer, Maryam Selaich

Created much in the same way that art is, Slouchy'Z prides itself on the fashionable flair of their immensely popular Abayas. Combining tiered ruffles, voluminous sleeves and a tassel belt, their clothes are not for the feint of heart. A woman has to be able to carry off such a strong piece with confidence, poise and elegance, knowing she's wearing the most high end, quality, couture Abaya in the room. These modern cuts and couture details come together to form a fantastical mix of traditional and high end.

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  1. Wow these abayas designs are so good! i love how abaya has evolved so much and that you can get so many designs and flows now!