Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Wear a Slouchy’Z Abaya

How to Wear a Slouchy Z Couture Abaya

Sometimes pulling off a couture abaya can seem a little intimidating. I thought I’d show you how to style this particular Slouchy Z abaya. Although the abaya itself is covered in embellishments, it’s a little easier to pull off in that it’s all black. The voluminous arms are tempered by a belted waist, so the proportions are evened out. To wear a piece this strong I would go with simple styling so as not to seem overwhelmed.

With such a standout gown, keep everything else simple so as not to compete with the showstopper itself. I especially like a bold platform pump; and in black, it doesn’t take away from the abaya but subtly adds to it instead. Of course a signature red sole adds a bit of class to the whole ensemble. The model here is already wearing a pair of earrings, so just add a couple of dainty, simple gold rings to your fingers. Finish off the look with a fun art deco inspired clutch in gold and black, and the couture Slouchy Z abaya is now impeccably styled.
How would you style this abaya? What would you change to make it more “you”?

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