Sunday, January 27, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Zeeshan Ali Adnan


Simplicity and elegance are what defines Zeeshan Ali Adnan Clothing. With a focus on modern abayas, the clothes themselves are still traditional at their core. Their signature embellished neckline comes to life in different forms. On one, a high neck is covered in small gold paillettes, and in another the bronze trimming slopes down the front in a long V, giving an almost bokeh feel to the dress. Lush fabric, perfectly pleated, give form to the lower skirt resulting in a unique and utterly femme aesthetic.

In one singular piece, a traditional collar is redone in a more avant garde design, coming up only halfway around the neck before connecting to the fluid fabric of the abaya. This subtle, yet imaginative play on classics are what take these pieces to a higher level of fashion. Taking classic silhouettes and reinventing them for a more modern audience, a Zeeshan Ali Adnan piece (or pieces) will complete your wardrobe!

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  1. I haven't seen work by Zeeshan Ali Adnan prior to this post, I must admit he is good with his work. Thank you for sharing this post with us